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Now more than ever, our worlds obsession with instant gratification is at an all-time high, with mental health issues soaring due to pressures set by an image conscious society, constantly promoting airbrushed and unrealistic “goals”.

Angela Mavalla is a GPhC accredited Pharmacist working and living in the UK. After years of struggling with her own skin, languishing in overpriced products that only made matters worse, she turned to wholistic and natural skincare remedies that have since made drastic improvements to the condition of her skin.

Addressing everything from acne to self-esteem, this e-Book teaches you how to make permanent changes to the condition of your skin. For every person who has given up on the idea of having healthy skin; read this book and try things differently.

“Know that you and all your flaws: the acne, the hyperpigmentation, blemishes, eczema, psoriasis or whatever it is you are battling is a good enough starting place.”

- SkinSecrets by Angela Mavalla

Angela Mavalla


Angela Mavalla is a GPhC accredited Pharmacist who holds a Foundation, Bachelors and Masters degree from Kingston University School of Pharmacy. She completed her pre-registration in London before she moved to Bristol with her husband, where they have settled down.
She began writing as a blogger during her time at University until she finally wrote her own ebook on skincare.
After years of struggling with her own skin, languishing in overpriced and damaging products that only worsened matters, she turned to wholistic and natural skin care remedies that have since proven to make consistent improvements to the condition of her skin.

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32, UK

My experience I've always suffered from acne my whole teenage years going into adulthood. I had never managed to find a balance of one product that worked for my skin. I started off by using Avon products to increasing my acne to the point of being ashamed to walk in public fear of being poked on. I used numerous debenhams products and they still never worked. So I'd hide my skin behind a mask of makeup. It never made any difference as it just worsened the acne. 2017 I started using raw baking soda with lemon for my face thinking it would work but I'd see a slight change and dance around then few days later I'd have bumps all over with acne. Fastfoward end of the year 2019 i came across Angela on Instagram as she was preparing for her big wedding. The first thing I noticed was her skin. Her face looked flawless and i thought hey let me follow her one day after her wedding has passed I'll inbox her for tips. One day I messaged her and she replied me. That's when she started mentoring me with my skin. I enjoyed the journey of transition to using natural products and even eating them. What helped my skin the most was the egg York mixed with turmeric black charcoal and aloe vera mask. That smoothness feeling was so refreshing. Also, for face scrub mixing black soap with pink salt fenugreek leaves, mint and tumeric and moringa revived my skin. I learnt what you eat is what you put on your face. My face changed so much for the better that everyone turn heads. I will always recommend Angela to anyone having issues with their skin. I have learnt a lot of lessons from Angela that my sister in law and my mum and my brother have now joined in the skin care routine.


Beauty and lifestyle influence (@misfay)

27, UK

“I worked with Angela to try and work on my skin. You can never have too much knowledge when it comes to improving. She really helped me with looking at some natural alternatives that I wasn’t aware of and from her conversation you can tell she has studied this to great lengths. I wish her all the very best”.

Lorraine Chabeda

Beauty Influencer (@loveloz_)

24, UK

“For me, Skin Secrets should be something we share more often, being open and honest about skin problems/insecurities helps others know that they are not struggling alone. By putting the focus back on the importance of skincare there’s a better chance of the younger generation to adopt the good habits earlier on. In the age of social media and distorted ideas of beauty, it’s more important than ever to love the skin you’re in.”

Karom Mowekenye

Owner of Eden Lush Organics (@edenlush_organic)

34, Lagos, Nigeria

“I recall the first time we met on your first visit to Nigeria, I couldn't help but notice your flawless skin! And I wondered to myself the hours you put into your morning and night facial routines to achieving such a flawless skin...Nothing extravagant as I had earlier imagined.
What she recommended for my children too is still keeping their skin supple and rash free.
The Skin Secret Series is delightfully straightforward with wonderful results and a must read for everybody seeking to know about the bes7t way to keep their skin glowing”.

Orejesu Ajayi

Gender and Development Expert (@orejesuajayi)

Skin Secrets helped me understand that you don't just apply any product on your face simply because it is good and works for others. However, I have learnt that our skins are different and understanding it will save you a lot of money and your skin from further damage. Thank you, Angela, for helping me discover this, it has saved me stress.”

Ama Amo-Agyei

Business woman, writer and mind coach (@ama__official)

23, UK

“Your skin is a part of you, something that you see and everyone else sees every day. It must be taken care of just like your mind and your body. I truly believe skincare is an extension of self-love and self-improvement. When you unlock the secrets to creating achieving great skin for yourself you unlock unmeasurable amounts of self-esteem. I believe it is our duty to love every single part of ourselves and take care of our skin. Our skin is a physical representation of who we are. It must be care for, so we can represent the best version of ourselves to the world”.

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